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At the edge of wild country, they speak with their hands.

Fans of the book, and upcoming film Dream Boy.
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Appreciation community for fans of the book, Dream Boy, and the upcoming film of the same name.

(thought I'd get that out of the way first, lol)

This is an appreciation community for fans of Jim Grimsley's novel, Dream Boy, and James Bolton's film adaptation of the same name. The film is currently working the film festival circuit, and we wish James and Co. all the best!

This community welcomes fan fiction, picspams, icons and other fanart, as well as book discussions, quote-a-thons, and general musings about the characters.

Roleplaying communities, fiction communities, actor appreciation communities are always welcome to promote here, as long as your comm. is relevant to this one.

Locked posts aren't required, but think before you post, okay? And tagging is ALWAYS a good thing. Please tell me when new tags are required, and I'll slap'em up there! ;)

This community does not welcome flaming, moronic behavior, or any type of bigotry. Banning will be enforced if asshattery is present.

That being said, feel free to drop your moderator (that'd be me, omarandjohnny), any questions, suggestions, or concerns you have for this new community!

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